Liber pharetrae
Citations of John Chrysostom's homilies on the Gospel of Matthew


Peltier's 1866 edition of the Liber pharetrae cites "Joannes Chrysostomus, super Matthaeum" as the source for over 70 quotations, but most of them are excerpts from Pseudo-Chrysostom Opus imperfectum in Mattheum. In the process of revising Peltier's edition for this project, it became clear that the compiler of the Liber pharetrae did not employ Anianus of Celeda's 5th-century Latin translation of Chrysostom's homilies 1-25 on Matthew, but rather Burgundio da Pisa's 12th-century translation of all 90 homilies in Chrysostom's commentary on Matthew (CPG 4424) which (like his translation of Chrysostom's homilies on John) was never printed. Thus, excerpts from this source have been identified by consulting an early manuscript copy that is freely provided online by the Vatican Library, which is cited for the following eight quotations:

1.49.4 (De foeneratoribus)

2.18.15 (De contritione)

2.18.16 (De contritione)

2.33.12 (De patientia)

3.17.2 (De carnalitate)

3.45.10 (De laetitia)

3.45.11 (De laetitia) (De abstinentia et oratione)

The following two quotations attributed in Peltier's edition to "Joannes Chrysostomus, super Matthaeum" have not yet been identified:

4.12.23 (De humilitate) (De abstinentia et eleemosyna)