Liber pharetrae
Citations of John Chrysostom's homilies on the Gospel of John


Peltier's 1866 edition of the Liber pharetrae cites "Joannes Chrysostomus, super Joannem" as the source of 42 quotations. Two of these (1.43.7 and 2.13.11) are from Chrysostom but from a different title by that author. The remaining 40 quotations have been identified thanks to the editor's Chrysostomus Latinus in Iohannem Online (CLIO) Project, which includes a transcription of Burgundio of Pisa's translation of Chrysostom's 88 homilies on John (CPG 4425) from an early manuscript at Paris, the source cited for the following quotations:

1.3.3 (De Eucharistia)

1.8.13 (De muliere)

2.5.28 (De peccato)

2.6.23 (De superbia)

2.7.8 (De vana gloria)

2.7.9 (De vana gloria)

2.7.10 (De vana gloria)

2.8.8 (De invidia)

2.8.9 (De invidia)

2.9.18 (De ira)

2.11.11 (De avaritia)

2.11.12 (De avaritia)

2.21.8 (De virtute)

2.23.10 (De fide)

2.23.11 (De fide)

2.25.73 (De charitate)

2.25.74 (De charitate)

2.33.13 (De patientia)

2.40.6 (De dementia)

2.44.6 (De obedientia inaccepta)

2.49.9 (De eleemosyna accepta)

2.49.10 (De eleemosyna accepta)

3.1.14 (De voluntate) (De blasphemia)

3.8.11 (De negligentia)

3.18.12 (De prosperitate)

3.24.5 (De crudelitate)

3.24.6 (De crudelitate)

3.39.7 (De scandalo)

4.16.14 (De concordia)

4.17.6 (De renuntiatione)

4.21.5 (De communitate)

4.24.17 (De desiderio)

4.31.12 (De regratiatione)

4.31.13 (De regratiatione)

4.32.16 (De lectione)

4.32.17 (De lectione)

4.39.26 (De aequitate)

4.42.7 (De dolore)

4.50.21 (De gloria)

There is also one quotation from Chrysostom's homilies on John that Peltier's edition misattributes to Chrysostom's homilies on Acts: 2.36.9 (De continentia gustus) and another that Peltier's edition ascribes to Johannes Chrysostomus but without a title: 1.42.12 (De pauperibus).